British Bats

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British Bats

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There are/were sixteen resident species of bat in Britain: -

Name Latin Name Status Distribution
Greater Horseshoe Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Endangered S.Wales; SW England
Lesser Horseshoe Rhinolophus hipposideros Endangered Wales; SW England
Whiskered Myotis mystacinus Endangered W & N England
Brandt's Myotis brandtii Endangered W & N England
Daubenton's Myotis daubentonii Not Treatened Throughout Britain
Natterer's Myotis nattereri Not Threatened Throughout Britain
Bechstein's Myotis bechsteinii Rare S England
Greater Mouse-eared Myotis myotis Extinct Extinct
Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus Throughout Britain S.Wales; SW England
Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus Throughout Britain S.Wales; SW England
Nathusius's pipistrelle Pipistrellus nathusii Rare Rare
Serotine Eptesicus serotinus Vulnerable S & SE Britain
Noctule Nyctalus noctula Vulnerable Mainly England & Wales
Leisler's Nyctalus leileri Vulnerable England & Ireland
Barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus Rare S Wales; S England
Brown long-eared Plecotus auritus Not Threatened Throughout Britain
Grey long-eared Plecotus austriacus Rare S England

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