Tree Warden Scheme

The National Tree Warden Scheme

The basic aim of the scheme is to establish a network of Tree Wardens throughout the country to act as a local point of contact on matters relating to trees (and hedgerows) and their well-being.

Tree wardens are usually appointed by the parish council but are locally organised by, in most cases, the district council for that area.

On a national level, the Tree Council provides information, support and overall co-ordination of the scheme.

If asked, most tree wardens would say that they are by no means experts! They aren't expected to be experts, but more enthusiasts who can field queries and either answer them on the spot or pass them on to the real experts at district or county level.

Tree wardens are volunteers and can get as involved as they wish.
Some wardens work with local groups such as schools or youth movements (scouts/guides) to plant trees and perform other conservation tasks. Tree seed collection, sowing, monitoring and eventually planting the resultant trees themselves can prove extremely popular with children.

If you are interested in becoming a tree warden, or are simply interested in the work that they carry out, then why not contact the Tree Council or your local parish or district council. If your district council doesn't currently take part in the scheme then lobby them to start, now!

Tree Council Address:

The Tree Council
4 Dock Offices,
Surrey Quays Road,
London SE16 2XU

Phone: 020 7407 9992


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